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U19 win points to splendid destiny for Canadian basketball

Michele O’Keefe is still silly from a weekend.

The CEO of Canada Basketball has usually returned to her Toronto bureau on Monday morning after an overnight moody from Cairo, Egypt, where a Canadian men’s under-19 organisation won a FIBA World Cup contest for a age group.

O’Keefe had a honour of handing out a bullion medals to a organisation after a 79-60 feat over Italy in a final.

Canada crushes Italy for ancestral basketball victory0:41

You can pardon her excitement. Basketball in Canada has never gifted this kind of general success. In fact, it is a initial time that a Canadian organisation — men or women — has ever won an central universe pretension during any level.

“I’m sitting here and we feel like I’m personification whack-a-mole since things are all over a place. We’ve never been universe champions. We don’t indeed have a plan”, O’Keefe says with a giggle over a phone.

In a brief term, a devise is to gain on a heat this win has created.

“We have a call with a sponsorship organisation to figure out how to precedence this,” O’Keefe says. “It was illusory that people opposite a nation could watch this — the organisation was trending on Twitter.

“To accomplish what we have never achieved before is spectacular. As for a future, I’m anticipating this could be a genuine solidifying impulse for a basketball village in this country.”

Barrett shines

This eventuality was a entrance out-party for many on a Canadian team. Tournament MVP R.J. Barrett was dominant, highlighted by his opening opposite a Americans in a semifinals.

Playing opposite players as most as dual years comparison than him, Barrett destroyed a U.S. for 38 points, baffling whoever a Americans tasked with fortifying him.

“The existence was, one child unequivocally went crazy, and afterwards a rest of their kids did what they did, so hats off to them,” U.S. conduct manager John Calipari told reporters. “Congratulate Canada, they deserved to win a game.”

Barrett still has one some-more year of high school, though he’s widely regarded as a No. 1 college partisan in a high propagandize category of 2019, with Calipari’s University of Kentucky a widely rumoured probable destination.

BKO Canada U19 World Cup 20170629

Canada’s R.J. Barrett, usually 17, was a MVP of a U19 tournament. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

But O’Keefe stresses that it wasn’t simply a one-man show.

“Everyone has talked about R.J. Barrett for a final integrate of years,” she says. “But we consider a integrate of other players like Abu Kijab (committed to Oregon) and Danilo Djuricic (Harvard), Lindell Wiggington (Iowa State) stepped up. While they have all had a tiny courtesy along a way, we consider now people are looking during Canada in a opposite way.”

O’Keefe acknowledges that some might try to lessen this Canadian victory, indicating to a star players blank from a American roster. For example, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball — the tip dual picks in final month’s NBA breeze — were both authorised to play though were instead suiting adult opposite most improved foe in a NBA Summer League.

But teams personification in general tournaments frequency have their ideal rosters.

“All of [the U.S. players] are approaching to be eventually drafted to a NBA in a subsequent of few years,” O’Keefe says.

“I consider now we are during a indicate where a Canadian athletes are improved prepared to contest and to win.”

O’Keefe says Canada Basketball has put in place many programs to identify, maintain and rise a best players in a country. Canadian teams are no longer usually happy to be competing. Success is now expected, not usually desired.

“I had a review with a manager of Argentina on a approach home final night,” O’Keefe says. “And he pronounced ‘We’ve watched it occur over time. We would kick we and afterwards we would kick us by 10, afterwards kick us by 20, afterwards kick us by 30 and it’s stability and we have watched it rise over time.”

Olympic boost?

The doubt now is what will a success of this younger era meant for Canada’s comparison inhabitant team?

That patrol has struggled in new years. It unsuccessful to validate for a Rio Olympics and has had problem progressing a unchanging core of players peaceful to paint Canada in a required tournaments around a world.

“Right now we are exposed since we have such a tiny series of group prepared during a comparison level,” O’Keefe acknowledges. “Having this subsequent era of guys, with this knowledge of being universe champions, gives us another 12 guys during a list chomping to get to a subsequent level.”

The grounds is already there. If all a tools tumble into place (always a large if), it’s fathomable a Canadian men’s organisation during a 2020 Olympics could be stoical exclusively of NBA players, including Jamal Murray, Tristan Thompson, Andrew Wiggins and Nik Stauskas.

O’Keefe cautions that it’s expected usually a handful of players from this U19 organisation will be prepared to minister in 2020, when Canada aspires to strech a podium.

“The U19 organisation has had an knowledge distinct any of other Canadian inhabitant organisation during that age, so hopefully they will be prepared faster.”

For now, those in a Canadian basketball community, and fans of a diversion in this country, can take a impulse to suffer a Canadian first.

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