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Canadian soccer goalie Stephanie Labbé relishes mental health challenges

Stephanie Labbé battles with basin and she enjoys it.

If that’s a confusing concept, cruise that Labbé is a veteran athlete. She lives for foe and thrives on challenges. For her, each impulse is a possibility to urge herself.

“I’m enjoying a struggle,” she says, “and I’m enjoying how I’m means to grow and unequivocally learn from it each singular day.”

But it wasn’t always that way.

It was in 2008 that Labbé was initial called adult to Canada’s inhabitant women’s soccer team. Then usually 20 years old, she was Canada’s third-string goalkeeper behind Karina LeBlanc and Erin McLeod, and didn’t see most action.

At first, this wasn’t a problem. She was removing a possibility to rehearse alongside some of her idols, and they taught her a lot about what it means to be a veteran both on and off a field. Meanwhile, things with her pro bar were going well.

As time wore on, though, Labbé’s outlook grew darker.

In 2012, she had assimilated a new group in Sweden and didn’t know anyone. She was an sea divided from her parents, family and friends. Still incompetent to make a starting lineup on a inhabitant group on a unchanging basis, Labbé made a large decision: she simply walked divided from a Canadian inhabitant team.

“I was usually during a indicate where waking adult each day was a struggle,” she recalls. “Coming out of each training event and wanting to cry, and carrying no confidence, not desiring in myself … and it’s kind of this infamous cycle of focusing on all these things that we couldn’t control and it was usually eating divided during me and pulling me down and we usually wasn’t happy anymore.”

That summer, a national team won a country’s first-ever women’s soccer medal, a bronze, during a London Olympics. Without her.

Even if she was doubtful to have played, she could have been there. She would have been partial of things. And she wasn’t. It was a large impulse in Canadian women’s soccer, and she missed out. She started to tighten herself off from a world.

“I unequivocally started to feel like we was disastrous weight on other people around me, so we consider that’s since we went internal,” she says. “I was ill of conference myself complain, and we was ill of great to other people and feeling like we was bringing other people down.”

Quietly, Labbé decided that she had to repair her possess mentality.


Stephanie Labbe, centre, says she always looked adult to associate Canadian keepers Erin McLeod, left, and Karina LeBlanc, right. (Christopher Morris/Corbis around Getty Images)

Good habits

Her certainty returned gradually. She took adult yoga and started practising awareness training. She got unchanging personification time in her veteran league, and began to settle herself as a obvious name in a soccer world. She wasn’t disturbed about being pulled after creation mistakes. Her skills strengthened.

Fast brazen to 2016, and Labbé has usually finished backstopping a Canadian inhabitant women’s group to a bronze award during a Rio Olympics — a jubilant return. If this were a angel tale, this is a partial where a story would end. But genuine life is never so simple.

Many Olympic athletes knowledge basin following a Games, given all they have prepared for over 4 years is unexpected over. Not usually did Labbé experience that, though she found herself once again not removing personification time on her bar team, this time with a Washington Spirit of the NWSL.

Old feelings started to return. She found herself violation some of a good habits she had developed, like unchanging yoga practice.

Only this time, she was prepared.

“I’ve unequivocally schooled to build this middle strength and middle certainty of meaningful that we can get by anything since we know what I’ve pushed by in a past,” she says. “I was some-more meddlesome in conference other people’s stories and conference how I wasn’t alone in my struggle, and that other people have left by a same thing, and removing recommendation by them and how they went by it, and we consider that’s what unequivocally helped me.”

Today, Labbé continues to onslaught with her mental health, though now she knows it’s OK to let others know. She uses her support network of teammates, friends and family.

“I’m most some-more open to articulate about it, and I’m unequivocally unapproachable of how I’ve gotten by it how I’ve been a lot some-more open about it this time and open to opposite people and opposite strategies for removing by it.”

The onslaught continues, though Labbé is enjoying it.

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