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Refugee who mislaid fingers to frostbite chasing soccer dreams

A interloper who mislaid fingers to frostbite while entrance to Canada is chasing his dream of apropos a veteran soccer player.

Seidu Mohammed is prepared to quarrel for his team, a Wasps, that was sitting second place in the Manitoba Major Soccer League as of Tuesday.

The vigour is on to keep a winning strain going. “I’m dynamic to play for this group given this group is like my family now,” Mohammed says.

“We started from a bottom,” he says explaining how his group was second final in a joining progressing this summer.

On a sidelines, there’s a tiny throng of supporters entertaining “Let’s go Seidu! Let’s go.” One of his fans has even brought a drum.

Mohammed has been on a margin given Jul fighting as a defender for Wasps FC in a Manitoba Major Soccer League.

Soccer is all to this 25-year-old Ghanaian interloper who mislaid all his fingers to frostbite after getting mislaid in a passed of winter with another haven seeker while walking to Canada from a United States.

“I wish to be a professional. we wish to play soccer, that’s my dream,” he said, adding his favourite actor is Portuguese professional​ Cristiano Ronaldo, a brazen who plays for a Spanish bar Real Madrid.

Mohammed left Ghana for Brazil in 2014 where he lerned professionally. He says he was outed as a bisexual male in Brazil while in a nation training for soccer after a group manager found him with another male he had met during an LGBT club.

“He started melancholy me and revelation bad things and observant [this] is going to destroy me, it’s going to finish my career.”

Refugee who mislaid his fingers to frostbite named soccer captain2:38

Scared to lapse home where violence, military nuisance and even a genocide judgment is probable for being LGBT, Mohammed practical for haven in a United States.

A decider refused to extend him asylum, so he fled north with another male from Ghana for Canada, where they became mislaid channel a Manitoba border. Both group were postulated haven by a Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Playing soccer is something Mohammed, a rising star behind home in Ghana, disturbed he wouldn’t be means to continue after doctors told him he’d remove all his fingers, a toe and maybe an arm.

Doctors had to amputate all his fingers, though a detriment has had small impact on Mohammed’s opening on a field. He’s discerning on his feet and takes command, directing other players, creation certain they’re on tip of their game.

Seidu Mohammed shoes

Mohammed still has his hurdles and needs to get assistance restraining his boots when they come dismantled on a pitch. (Austin Grabish/CBC)

“When I’m personification we don’t feel like we remove my fingers. we feel like I’m still normal.”

Faces tough decision

Still, a detriment has combined challenges. Mohammed needs assistance restraining his boots when they come dismantled on a margin and has a formidable preference to make — doctors wish to amputate 4 of his toes so he can have dual fingers on any hand.

“I’m meditative about it. Always meditative about it so we wish to see either we can still let them do that given losing my toe will be really formidable for me and we don’t know what [will] happen after that.”

The diversion ends 4-1, with Mohammed scoring dual goals. Supporters stay compartment after midnight when a diversion ends and he’s named group captain shortly after.

Team has special bond

Mario Pereira is a Wasps’ left winger and says a group has a special bond. The group is especially done adult of refugees and many have endured dispute in other tools of a world.

The group is a brainchild of a late Jean-Baptiste Ajua, who drowned final summer.

The 22-year-old came to Canada from Rwanda and dreamed of removing his friends into a Manitoba Major Soccer League — something his friends done certain happened after he died.

“You only feel like something some-more than only these guys are only guys who can play with a soccer ball,” Pereira says.

Mario Pereira Winnipeg soccer

Pereira says a group has a special bond. (Tyson Koschik/CBC)

Mohammed says he would like to learn soccer to kids one day, though for now, he’s dedicating all his gangling time to his team. 

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