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Cruising around a Bordeaux booze region

BORDEAUX, FRANCE – Jordan Eudine is heading a organisation of Ama Waterways stream cruisers on a bike debate by a rolling hills nearby Blaye. We pass little villages done of dim mill and gawk out on unconstrained acres of shining immature vines flourishing in a many famous booze segment of a world.


He stops to collect adult some little Merlot grapes for us to try.

“These will make good booze though not utterly as good as places like Chateau Margaux or Lafite Rothschild,” Eudine says, citing a span of mythological wineries that spasmodic furnish bottles valued during $2,500 before they’re even produced. “Sometimes when we float past Rothschild we like to stop and eat one of a grapes. That substantially costs them 100 Euros.”

Eudine laughs and hands out a grapes, that we sup down between sips of H2O on a comfortable Aug day.

Lucky for us, we also get to ambience a good understanding of a finished product, as a journey facilities roughly daily trips to a area’s grandest chateaus and wineries for tastings and internal food, as good as on-board wine-tasting and booze talks.

The journey we take facilities Ray and Loretta Falkner of Falkner Vineyards, a small, family-owned mark in a up-and-coming Temecula Valley north of San Diego. Falkner gets us to try a French chardonnay from Languedoc, that tastes of earth and stone. His California Chardonnay is standard new world; some-more fruity and developed with a peachy-pineapple aroma we utterly like.

Falkner, who grew adult in a Buffalo suburb of Tonawanda, explains on a initial cruising day that a French sell a certain character of wine, while North American wineries concentration on grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. He also points out that French wines are customarily meant to be aged for years.

“In California when we like a booze we say, ‘Great. Can we get it on a shelves by a weekend?’”

Over a subsequent few days we sip sensuous Bordeaux blends served adult in stately chateaus with spires and supposed murder gates where enemies would’ve been beaten with weapons or splattered with liquids of a decidedly reduction beguiling inlet than Cabernet-Merlot blends. At Chateau Leoville Poyferre, we try a some-more affordable Moulin Riche line of wines as good as tasting from bottles that cost a few hundred dollars, a red Bordeaux mix with developed berry tastes and warm, worldly notes.

Our debate guides are outstanding. In Libourne, British-born beam Christine Couper tells us that some towns in France are laid out all “higgledy-piggledy” though that Libourne was designed as a bastide city with comparatively true streets. We debate a bustling executive marketplace area and try internal charcuterie and cheeses, as good as candy in a emporium that sells red high heel boots fashioned out of chocolate.

My favourite beam on a outing Astrid Weissenborn, who’s sharp-witted and bubbly and has a decidedly off-kilter approach.

“You know,” she tells us early on, “a palace doesn’t meant it’s a large house. You could build a little winery and call it ‘Chateau Chihuahua.’”

There’s a lot to like even for folks who don’t adore wine, as a Bordeaux area is home to fanciful villages with narrow, circuitous streets and poetic shops. We try a subterraneous “monolithic” church in a overwhelming encampment of St. Emilion and a aged streets of Bourg-sur-Gironde, where homes are forged out of a rock. A member of a family that owns a poetic Chateau Roquetaillade palace takes us on a debate and shows us buildings that date behind 700 years, as good as a kitchen with a tip doorway and a coronet pot called a “chicken’s ass” that’s used to kick eggs.

Our final day is in a lustrous city of Bordeaux, that has been given a outrageous makeover. It’s also now connected to Paris by a quick sight that takes a small 125 minutes. we ramble a marvellous, curving, wayward travel called Rue Notre Dame and admire glorious apartments with flattering balconies and antique shops churned with cafes and even a universe rum bar.

That night we representation a smashing six-course dish during a Chef’s Table eventuality as a boat glides past a white mill buildings that line a waterfront, a light bouncing off a stream on a ideal Aug evening.


The Bisha Hotel Toronto has strictly non-stop a doors in a city’s party district. It’s a posh skill that feels a bit Vegas/South Beach Miami in my mind, with a torpedo rooftop pool and bar that should be extravagantly renouned during a Toronto International Film Festival. One of a floors was designed by mill star Lenny Kravitz. 


Ama Waterways is one of a top-rated stream journey lines in a world. The food on my journey was glorious and a use wonderful. A few folks pronounced they would’ve favourite somewhat improved and some-more internal wines during dinner, though a drink and booze are giveaway during your meals, including stimulating booze during breakfast. Everyone we spoke with suspicion a boat was good and desired a tours. 

DEAL OF THE WEEK Sandals Resorts is carrying what they call their biggest ever Labour Day sale, with assets on some of their tip properties. 

END NOTE: Jim Byers is a freelance author formed in Toronto. Email: jim@jimbyerstravel.com. Twiitter: @jimbyerstravel. Instagram: @jimbyerstravel1


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