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When in Rome don’t sit, dip, eat, splash in fountains

ROME — When in Rome, don’t take a drop in a staggering fountains.

Or lay or stand on them. Best not to eat or splash on them either. And don’t rinse yourself, or your garments or pet and equivocate throwing any objects into them — solely coins in a normal gesticulate to “ensure” you’ll return.

Otherwise we risk fines as high as 240 euros.

City Hall on Monday announced that Mayor Virginia Raggi has sealed an sequence directed during safeguarding some 40 fountains of ancestral or artistic interest, many of that have been tarnished over a years.

In 2015, Dutch soccer fans shop-worn a 17th-century Barcaccia fountain during a feet of a Spanish Steps and dirty the waters with damaged drink bottles.

This spring, a male swam exposed in Trevi Fountain.


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