Popular new workouts aim a body, mind and soul

NEW YORK — It would be easy to brush off aptness guru Taryn Toomey’s The Class as another hippie trend, though you’d skip a magic. (She sprinkled dejected crystals underneath a studio floors, that she says is designed to pull out energy.) You’d also skip stargazing during celeb devotees like …

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Husband needs to step adult during home

Dear Amy: I am unequivocally sleepy of my father asking: “How can we assistance you?” “What can we do for you?” or “What do we need?” Here’s since this upsets me: If we am cooking cooking for a both of us and he asks, “What can we do for you?” …

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Views about adoption lift unpleasant assumptions

Dear Amy: I was adopted during 5 months old, in 1947. I am unequivocally happy with my adopted relatives and never knew my birth parents. we was totally desired by my adoptive family and always felt like a “real” family member. When my children were small, we attempted to find …

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