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Woman’s visits to aged give neighbor a creeps

Dear Amy: we live in a condo building that was formerly inhabited by many aged people who have given possibly upheld on, changed to retirement homes, or are in nursing facilities. My neighbor has lived here longer than we have and creates a daily robe of visiting a former residents. …

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Lazy niece qualifies as home intruder

Dear Amy: we have a niece who lives with me. She is 22 years old, and she is a laziest chairman ever. She is manipulative, jealous, self-centered, dirty, lazy, a liar, a user, and she fundamentally thinks a universe revolves around her. Her mom has assured her that she is …

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Reluctant bridesmaid worries about distance

Dear Amy: My younger hermit and we had a descending out, and he stopped all hit with me for about a year. In fact, he got married and we wasn’t invited to a wedding. I acknowledge that a occurrence heading to alienation was my fault. we don’t censure him for …

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Divorced lady looks to ex for friendship

Dear Amy: I have been divorced for dual years now. we pronounced that we would never get married again, and we still feel that approach today. But we skip my ex-husband. we consider we are improved as friends. we felt like we was wearing a pants AND a dress in …

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