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Curling’s stats colonize headed to Hall of Fame

ST JOHN’S — When Brian Cassidy first started analyzing and documenting how curlers were executing on a ice, there was a high turn of skepticism. “Typically you’d hear a players contend a usually numbers they cared about was a final score,” Cassidy said. “And they didn’t consider there was useful information we were collecting.” ​LIVE BLOG: The 2017 …

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Remember Torino? Relive Brad Gushue’s ancestral Olympics

Brad Gushue and a b’ys are behind in St. John’s for a Brier this week. Regardless of how his course does, Gushue can still lay explain to being a partial of Canada’s initial men’s Olympic curling gold. Gushue is chasing an fugitive Brier championship in his home range some-more than a …

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Out during a Brier: Gay curler fulfils childhood dream

ST. JOHN’S — Dustin Kidby has never shied divided from doing things first. As a lead for Team Saskatchewan, he sets a tinge by throwing a initial rocks of any finish for his rink. And now, in his possess low-key way, he’s assisting carve out a trail to larger inclusion by …

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Koe vs. Jacobs, Homan vs. Hasselborg in Champions Cup finals

The finals are set during a Champions Cup curling tournament. Calgary’s Kevin Koe will face Brad Jacobs of Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., in a men’s pretension pull on Sunday. On a women’s side it’ll be Ottawa’s Rachel Homan opposite Sweden’s Anna Hasselborg. Homan has a possibility for emancipation after losing …

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