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Man to launch himself from a rocket to infer universe is flat

The countdown to launch creeps closer and theres still copiousness for educated rocket scientist Mad Mike Hughes to do: Last-second modifications to his vessel. Pick adult his moody suit. Leave adequate food for his 4 cats only in box anything happens. Hughes is a 61-year-old limo motorist whos spent a …

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Couple record lawsuit after cops upset hibiscus for pot

SARVER, Pa. A integrate who contend they were handcuffed for hours in a military unit automobile after their hibiscus plants were confused for pot are suing a military and an word company. Edward and Audrey Cramer contend in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that a Nationwide Insurance Co. representative questioning a …

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Small city Connecticut choosing motionless by silver toss

BOLTON, Conn. An choosing for a ruling house of a tiny Connecticut city has been motionless by a silver toss. The Journal-Inquirer reports that Republican Michael Eremita on Tuesday kept his chair on Boltons five-member Board of Selectmen with a coin-toss win over Democratic challenger Kim Miller. Both perceived 718 …

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Oh, man! Town drops ‘men’ from name of the ruling board

BROOKLINE, Mass. A Massachusetts city has private a word group from a name of a ruling body. Brookline authorized changing a Board of Selectmen to a Select Board during a Town Meeting opinion Tuesday. The pretension selectman has been transposed with name house member. The five-member row includes dual women. …

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