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Earthquake strikes off west seashore of Mexico during bulk 5.9

A bulk 5.9 earthquake struck off a Mexican west seashore on Sunday, a Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said. The epicenter of a upheaval was 99 km south-southwest of Tonala, in Chiapas state. Mexico’s collateral was cracked by a bulk 7.1 upheaval on Tuesday that flattened dozens of buildings and killed …

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Exit polls uncover Angela Merkel wins fourth term; German right wing celebration creates large gains

BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s regressive confederation won a lifeless feat in Germany’s inhabitant choosing Sunday while a anti-migrant, jingoist Alternative for Germany celebration managed a jubilant entrance into parliament, projections showed. Merkel’s categorical centre-left rivals, a Social Democrats, were set for their misfortune outcome given World War II. The …

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Former Mountie headed to U.S. jail for bootlegging narwhal tusks

A late Mountie indicted of bootlegging narwhal tusks was condemned Wednesday to 5 years and dual months in a U.S. jail for associated money-laundering counts. Gregory Logan, 60, of Saint John, N.B., smuggled about 300 tusks valued during US$1.5 million to US$3 million into Maine in fake compartments in his …

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How Canadians travelling to earthquake-prone areas can stay safe

Unlike hurricanes, earthquakes don’t have a specific active season. The healthy disasters can start during any time of a year and in any form of weather. So for Canadians travelling to earthquake-prone collection of a world, formulation trips accordingly can be difficult. But, there are things they can do to …

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