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Go Fetch, a Airbnb for dogs, launches in Edmonton

It was usually a matter of time.  Canadians are spending some-more income on their pets than ever before, and record continues to overturn the standing quo on bland tasks, from engagement taxis with Uber to hotels with Airbnb. Go Fetch, a Vancouver-based company, is a latest startup to enter Edmonton’s flourishing marketplace for relating …

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‘Brosectomy’ parties a flourishing trend?

Bros who hang together get snipped together. A vasectomy procession can be a harrowing knowledge for many men, so pity a knowledge with some of your closest friends competence assistance palliate a pain. And it competence indeed be a flourishing trend. According to a Wall Street Journal, some organisation are …

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Philadelphia ancestral bank’s beauty lures brides-to-be

PHILADELPHIA — The Second Bank of a United States competence not be Philadelphia’s tip traveller draw, carrying to contest with neighbours like Independence Hall and a Liberty Bell, though a royal pattern is luring a whole opposite form of visitor: marriage photographers and soon-to-be brides and grooms. The Greek Revival-style …

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Artificial sweeteners related to critical health issues: Report

WINNIPEG — A University of Manitoba investigate suggests synthetic sweeteners are related to a risk of long-term weight gain, heart illness and other health issues. The study, published in a Canadian Medical Association Journal, says some-more people are eating and celebration synthetic sweeteners such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia. The …

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Wearing flip-flops can means a lot of problems, alloy says

Flip-flops – a entire summer shoes – can be fingered for a fistful of orthopedic problems. Podiatrist and feet surgeon Dr. Christina Long says a simple, easy to trip on beach favourite can repairs your feet. “This time of year we frequently see patients with feet conditions associated to wearing …

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What’s in a Canadian? AncestryDNA finds out

Celebrations are in full pitch opposite a nation for Canada’s 150th birthday. From Muskoka chair portrayal competitions to poutine donuts (ahem, Tim Hortons), people all over are celebrating all things Canadian — though what unequivocally creates a Canuck? Experts during AncestryDNA motionless to control a investigate to find out. Thanks …

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